Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sorry I've been gone so long!

Hey! Sorry I've been gone so long! I've been busy with school work, track and other things. What's up? I'm same as last time I posted a blog. Except, I've been so distracted with YouTube! I really like the make-up, beauty and also the room tour videos! Whats your favorite types of videos?!
  Wow! The last time I made a post I was going to do a Q&A and nobody gave me any questions to do!! Really you guys?
 Well, I've got nothing else to talk about!;p I promise I will try to do more of these!(: So, let what me know I should talk about.
 ~ ChrissyRose(:

Saturday, February 25, 2012


So, I will be starting a new. A new way to be me. My new blog will be about dissgusing Fakes&Snobs-Desgner Clothing-and "Best-Friends" Plus many other things . You can read the new blog at: Best.Waytobe00@gmail.com . Thank you for reading and hopefully checking out my new blog:)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

What a great vacation!:D

Okay,So my family and I went to Florida for Thanksgiving break! We stayed Sunday to Sunday. On Monday I went shopping with my older sister,my younger sister,my grandmother,and also,my mother. Tuesday was filled with great activities like going to Bush Gardens with my family and Grandparents.Went on a zillion rides! My two sisters and I went on a ride that we had to wait in line for atleast forty-five to fifty minutes before we can get into the ride-cart thingy ma-bobber..! But it was totally worth it! Although we all did get sick after wards.  After that ride,we had a really good lunch and went on some more water rides. 
   On Wednesday,we went to see the Manatees in Apollo Beach. While seeing the Manatees,my family and I saw a few small sharks. I freaked out! Ligit! ;) But it was a lot of fun! We ate at Beef O' Brady's for dinner! It was so good!  Then, on Thursday, We had a our thanksgiving feast! And as for me, this might sound crazy, but, my favorite part was the rolls and the chocolate pie! Yum!:D Lol. On Friday,we went back to Apollo Beach. We went to a a board-walk with stores called John's Pass! I bought a necklace that had my name on it! After that we went to the beach. And for dinner we ate at a seafood-type place called Woodys,(or I think that was it was called;)) We enjoyed our meal! Then after we had dinner,we went to a Christmas light show! It was pretty cool,I have to admit! Saturday,which was our last day in Florida,sadly,we had CiCi's Pizza for dinner.It was sooo good! While we were there we played at a game area thing.We had a lot of fun down there! I wish I could live there!:D Like ligit! Wishing I could live there;) 
  ~Love&&Sincerely,Chrissy <3

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Im just so sorry for the people who read my stupid crap..If any do;)

Yeah, I know I write stupid crap.Haha! But..all my post's are true and come from the real&&true mee!<3 Yepperdoddles. I know your thinkin' 'Yepperdoddles'? Yes,that's my word. I can be totally random and out of the blue but at the same time quiet and mysterious.Lol.I know no one says 'Lol' anymore,but who cares;p Okay,so far Im okay with one of my BESTFRIEND Kelsey moving away and that lunch and History won't be the same with out her but I Im get through it..as much as it hurts to type,and even think about,I really,truly am! Sorry Kels. 
      Man am I random! I don't think Im like everyone else. I mean,Im not popular,not many friends,I don't dress in the 'In-Style' clothing code..Whatever that is,anyways,I don't pay hundreds of dollars to buy jeans and t-shirts from stores,nor would I want too,that is!;p But I have a few great friends who I depend on and their soo pretty! And amazing! Oh,and did I mention that Im going to Florida over Thanksgiving week? Well,I am.And I am superydupery excited! But I don't get to see Kels when she comes up for a while! :( But I love Kelsey..as a friend,that is! I miss you! Hangout the moment you come up to Maine!:D

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Birthday Party!:D

Happy,Happy Birthday to me..And the whole shabang;) ! My birthday was about one week ago! And I love being thirteen! It's the best thing in the world!! I just can't believe that I actually had a party and I that my parents let me have friends over for my birthday because they never ever let me have friends over for a birthday!


Wow! I thought yesterday would never end! Haha:) I went into town yesterday for like one hour and half to two hours and I thought that would never end but then we came home and  did concrete and laundry for the rest of the night until dinner and bed! That was such a long day!  But today,as in Sunday the 16.or October.., I think today won't be as long but maybe almost as yesterday! Ha! Man..I gotta get lookin' for my Math Binder! I was supposed to pass my  homework in on Fri. but I lost my binder that morning and it had my homework in it my textbook and some pages we are to keep! And I can't find I have just about everyone I know help look for it and my Math teacher is probably gonna kill me 'cause I cant find!! The title of the post is called 'Yawn :0) ' for a reason..The reason being? I'm really tired because it's only 7:42 in the morning!! Ha! I feel bad for the people who read my stupid crap I post!! :)

Hah,I gotta go..Buhbyeee:) ~ Chrissy~

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Great Day.

Wow!. Today was great..Went to Church and watched little babies. Then I cam home had a great lunch and hung out with friends...! School tomorrow :/. Not happy at all about it but oh well only three days of school this week so I guess it's not so bad..How was your week? comment and let me know!